I’ll Be Back When

It only looks like I’ve quit writing because what I have done is I’ve quit finishing. If being a finisher is how you don’t fail, then I am failing. If succeeding means you just don’t quit, then I am done succeeding today.

But I promise you this is part of the process, and quitting this finishing business for a time is a step toward success for me.

I really only wrote this so I could claim that I hadn’t let two whole months go by without posting. I have a dozen or more unfinished posts that slid in and out of relevance. They line my to-do bar like the styles of yesteryear on the thrift store rack. Maybe they’re just the thing if you’re not a slave to fashion. But I want words and ideas that spark the soul, and lately I feel like it’s all been said. Or at least heard.

But if you’d like to know where my time is going, I’ll at least dish on that: I do editing work for a financial coach, and when she updates all her stuff so that it has my mark of approval on it, I’ll link you to her. Also, no one told me that as COVID restrictions relaxed, I’d suddenly be driving my kids all over the place and living life in a less time-efficient way (though it does add quite a few layers called joy, excitement, happiness, and variety).

Telling everyone about it, though, even on social media, sounds exhausting. So I have to live my life, think about my life, and then share about my life? I’m living out loud in the moment, but I’ve thought myself to silence on the screen. I have a plan to write myself awake again, but that will go into effect once I’m home and settled after vacation.

Stay tuned.

[Title is a reference to the song Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots. If you watch the video and wonder what in the world that was all about, I’ll give you a hint: the creative process.]

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