To Give You Words

It won’t be terribly obvious because it is still the longest blog name you’ve ever forgotten over and over, but I now own a domain. I can now perch atop my throne of words and look over my kingdom with an air of superiority like the cat my family just adopted. Ah, taking in my domain.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

I tried reading all the terms and conditions, the privacy and public notices, and the features I can enable, and frankly, I have no idea what I’ve done.

But you won’t have to see ads any longer (see how I’m looking out for you?), and I will be adding a “Listen” option if you’re like me and prefer to get your word intake without looking. Also, I’ve been told my voice is lovely by people who probably never heard me sing.

You wonder why I did this now and not four years ago?

Guilt. I felt guilty that I no longer provide any income around here. So paying for something non-essential brought up fears and doubts about whether my writing really mattered that much.

Also, I can afford (financially) to contribute to our family in non-monetary ways, so I wasn’t keen on getting a job just to earn money.

But when I do get paid for something, I like to think long and hard about how I’ll invest my windfall.

I just earned $50 by participating in a survey for a twin study that I’ve been in for nigh on four decades now.

And it turns out I can purchase a basic plan and get a free domain for less than $50. It lasts for one year.

[With a conspiratorial, sidelong glance] Now– what could I do with a domain in one year?

Taking suggestions.

[My kids and I are loving Air Catcher by, you guessed it, Twenty One Pilots. I used it because I am handing in my parachute, the thing that keeps me safe, when I say, “No more playing small. I’m not just a mommy blogger anymore.”

OK, now to get a little rest before I tackle my next endeavor…

5 thoughts on “To Give You Words

  1. I’d love to listen!!! And I know just what yiu mean about feeling selfish to pay for something nonessential. Now I’m wondering if my $50 twin study check did anything. I think it contributed to a first installment of illustrations for my someday children’s book. Sorry, no tips. Actually: please don’t sing to us listeners. I can hear that voice singing along to my music any time I want to torture my family


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