Your Soul Knows Both Sides

“What’s it like to be a twin?”

I’ve many times been asked.

Well, it’s just a lot like being you,

Except you’re always two.

While I am in my skin right here

I’m also over there

I’m not quite sure if I am near

Or if we’re everywhere.

But being here and being there

Has not yet stretched me thin

For I grow deeper with despair

Till I let new thoughts in

‘What thoughts are these?’ you ask, ‘pray tell.’

For I still stand my ground

While looking for myths to dispel,

Simple steps, depths profound

It helps to look from others’ eyes

And hear their silent cries

I never asked to be in two

But even when I’m one

I cannot help but ask anew

Why others’ thoughts we shun

Are we not here but for a blink

And then life’s journey ends?

Instead of waiting on the brink

For my mind to extend,

If I can step into your skin

I’ll see you like a twin

My sisters and I found a connection through church so we could forage pecans in Texas this week. I overcame my wariness of protective dogs to go inside the fence and make a new friend (one who supports a presidential candidate, something I’m not doing this time around).

The stuff that makes me who I am

In you’s the very same

Like two buds fallen from one stem

We grew as just one name

Do I live by what I think’s right

Or choose to learn still more?

So if I saw what’s in your sight

When you stand at your door–

That it was me standing aloof

Beneath my rigid roof–

With care would I leave behind

The pride that will not bend

So I can see life from your mind

By making you my friend?

Your voice still echoes in my ears

I wonder what you’d say

If at your door I stood in tears

And asked to always stay

For strangers now we’ll never be:

I’ve wept the fear away

And swept aside the enemy

Who held your view at bay

And though it seems ineffective

To bend this way and that

It reveals how your perspective’s

A story hinged in fact

Thank you to my friend who saw perspective I could offer and suggested me as a guest on her husband’s podcast, StoryHinge. I fully enjoyed sharing some of my story as one of his first guests four years (and 90+ episodes) ago. I learned this week that my very own twin has never listened to it! So as a gift for our 40th birthday month, here is a treat you may enjoy guilt- and COVID-free before Halloween.

But I have my twin to thank for introducing me to Twenty One Pilots, a two-man band whose profound lyrics and indeterminate style have increased my faith in God, in our humanity, and in myself as a person with deep thoughts and a turbulent mind. In the song I reference for this post, you can start at the one-minute mark if you want the portion with lyrics only.

5 thoughts on “Your Soul Knows Both Sides

  1. Way to pull together your twinner-self, politics, T.Ø.P. and our pecan adventure! The poem is lovely and aside from a couple tweaks to get the cadence down, I’d say you inherited our grandmother Colleen’s talent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! It’s funny how I decided at the ripe old age of 16 that I had none of the talent grandma had and wrote a pretty good poem about it 🤔 Tweak away! I allow myself unlimited edits.


  2. Oh, thanks so much for the heart warming almost limerick style verses! (Okay, no bawdiness that is typical of limericks, but still … You may be a twin in looks, almost, and I may even STILL get you mixed up if you are not together and physically a little ways from me, but you and your twin, to me, have very different personalities and even mannerisms. With love, me


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