The Moment Has Arrived

I won’t find the right words

But being lost ain’t the same

As having no purpose

I hear you crying for help

Begging for mercy

Grabbing me through my car stereo

A little blurb on NPR that day

I can’t breathe you said

I can’t breathe

Suddenly I could not breathe

Choking sobs

I screamed at the windshield

He has to breathe!

The road felt too narrow

My hands unsteady at the wheel

My vision blurred

But I must feel

The pain and anguish

Deep as humanity

Raw as history

The victors don’t write it

Unless we are silent

But no one heard me

Trapped in my car

Destined for dreams

In the selfish and now

Too busy to speak up

Too removed from his blood

And no matter how you slice it

The weight crushing

A race is under my knees

Pray for change, yes

And if not now, then when?

This life blinks by in a second

Chance to live cut short

Supremacy a fallacy

No one’s better than me

But if I don’t say something

Then hate includes me

“This didn’t have to happen” didn’t have to happen…again and again… If you think this is a political issue, then we will stay in deadlock forever. Hate doesn’t get to keep speaking for us. Get human. Humans don’t hate. Stand up and come together.

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