I See a Red Door

“And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

The Little Prince


What matters most 

Are things you cannot see,

So, Little Prince, tell me,

What color is a ghost?


For haunted here I stand 

When I look at this house

Do I paint it White Grouse

Or something more Glam?


I close my Blue Eyes

For they’re not True Blue

They’re some sparkling hue

Like Bright Teal Surprise


Choose me a color

That sorts out my pain

A November Rain

Or perhaps something duller


Light rays through Raindrops

Reveal visible colors

But like trav’lers

From cars at train stops

Emerge with joys and sorrows

The tears spill over

When I try to allow

Both Crimson and Clover


I want a home

The color of tears

A place to shed fears

And a place where dreams roam


Give me a front door

The color of fury.

For I’ll Storm out in a hurry

But return for love’s Shore

Paint colors

[get ready to sing along by clicking the link]

I see a red door

And they say it pairs with Gray

No colors anymore

Like skies here every day


I see the new Bird Nests

Where roof beams intersect

I swear Behr’s online site

Had paint called Bird Poop White


I see a line of tape

The color of a Crepe

With hand prints made of Mud

That match our front yard sludge


If you see I’m in tears

Please quickly look away

Nothing new to see here

‘Cause this happens every day


I look through darkened doors

And see they’re painted white

With not-so-hardwood floors

The color of the night


Maybe then I shouldn’t care

Which tint or shade I choose

It’s so much easier to pair

With what’s on my kids’ shoes.


No more will my red stove

Compliment Duck Egg Blue

I see B. Moore has that hue

Dubbed as Dolphin Cove


If I look hard enough

At Sherwin Williams

Their doors might open up

Before our deadline comes


I see a red door

As I’m driving down the lane

But we’re all locked indoors,

So I can’t ask the name


I’ve learned that Moss grows fat

On north and eastern sides

Should we try Lizard Green

And scar the neighbors’ eyes?




I wanted something vibrant

Bright as day, deep as night

True as life

Don’t want to see the paint

Change like my moods


I want to see paint

Holding, holding, holding

Holding still




I see a Red Door

I have a man to match my moods. Now I just need the color to match. Enter Mood Ring House Paint



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