With(out) Two Cats in the Yard

To combat feelings of inadequacy, I accepted a challenge from the beautiful missionaries we know to keep a daily record of blessings. And because I just dont have time to write out deep and clever posts, I am keeping it simple with a Crosby, Stills, and Nash nod.

One week of blessings in my haphazard attempt to keep track of them.

2/15/20 J is speaking much more clearly now
CM willingly and I think happily prepared her talk for church
R ate raspberries
We managed to do many of the things we’d planned to do
Kids worked through various disagreements
2/16 I got a nap
CM did a fantastic job on her talk
I remembered in time that I was giving the closing prayer
CA is making progress and much more himself
B offered me a bunch of clothing that was exactly what I needed
The deck outside is perfect for kids to play on and get less muddy than with yard play.
M is an incredible husband, father, brother, son, employee, friend, Young Men leader and self
J fell asleep on the couch at bedtime

One advantage of toddler quitting naps: now sleep takes him

CM made her first brownies and frosting with B’s and C’s help
2.17 R ate a real meal finally at 4pm
Ducky the chicken sang a supportive squawky song when Fluffer was trying to lay an egg

CM is learning to cook and bake
CE played well with her cousins
M went to a missionary lesson and did a great family night activity with us
2.18.20 J stayed safe despite his various wanderings (did he follow me, or was he headed down the driveway regardless?)
2.20 I loved seeing the Montessori school
The weather was amazing. I played with the kids and laughed in the spiral, dark slide
2.21 Poopy diaper self-removal by toddler trying to get into shower with me could have been so much worse
R ate 2 breakfast sandwiches (for dinner)
Our house is coming along!! Because of the people in it, it will be a very, very, very fine house.
We have an exit strategy for Extra the cat
AH saved the day when I realized that I would be psycho to try driving people to a skiing thing 2.5 hours away.
2.22 R and CM brought me freshly cut daffodils. I realized I was being a big nincompoop and went to a baby shower even though I felt a bit off and wanted to be a hermit.
2.23 Heather is the only cat again

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