For a Pillow


It’s about 75 Fahrenheit in my room over the garage. So why in June’s name am I wearing my big, fluffy robe?

It’s not to make me more comfy as a pillow for anyone (husband and kids are away tonight). It’s to help me reach my new “set point” as my body tries to fight off a lovely infection called mastitis. I finished with the chills, so I think I reached it, but I keep the robe on so I don’t get chills again.

Tonight I wish this blog were called the “well-breasted mother.” They’ll be well again soon, but they can sure cause trouble.

If you’re concerned because I’m not resting right now, don’t worry, it’s milking time anyway.

If there’s a chance you’ll be delirious with fever soon, don’t listen to the song I hyperlinked. It’s already weird, but if you start at 1:30, you’ll understand the connection before getting brainwashed by the repetitive lyrics. Next time you hear this song, you just might inexplicably begin meowing like a cat.

I am grateful for a lot of things right now: kids at my parents and husband with my baby (so no one is asking for a pillow). Plus, I have all the materials I need for attempting to clear this up without antibiotics while I await the opening of the doctor’s office. I’m also glad that I’ve had it  before so I know I will most likely not die.

But if I do, can you believe these were my last words? That amazing late 90’s song will forever remind you of me. I just hope you have a pillow to rest your head on in those moments when you contemplate what an amazingly well-rested mother I was.

4 thoughts on “For a Pillow

  1. Oh Elissa! Is Jacob no to allowed to get your antibiotics? That’s the only way I’ve ever recovered from mastitis. Or is it because of the lovely other bug (yeast) that flourishes ? I’m so sad for you. I hope your bosom is feeling more pillowy very soon.

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    • I edited my post so it made more sense. Since it was Sunday night, I couldn’t get antibiotics yet. And I was hoping that if I could beat it on my own, I could avoid the possibility of getting worse thrush from taking antibiotics. But I did get antibiotics by the next afternoon, and the thrush is losing its battle…I hope!


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